Plate with a Mate

Small Bites

Sometimes friend power is better than willpower.



We recently sat down with Eat Well Tasmania to chat nutrition, sustainability and seasonality. Their goal, to create healthier Tasmanians. How? By engaging food and agriculture aligned industries to champion healthy eating, promoting opportunities to enjoy seasonally grown Tasmanian produce.

With their recent campaign in the lead up to Plate for a Mate day this Tuesday the 22nd of Feb, we were curious, where do they see Tasmanian venues fitting in to these conversations.

Tasmanian venues are frequently at the forefront of these conversations. By supporting Tasmanian producers and crafting menus based on seasonality, our local cafes and restaurants provide a space for you to be socially connected while eating well.

If you’re looking for something delicious and nutritious this Plate for a Mate day, try something from our favourite picks!



Criterion Street Cafe, Hobart

Try their sweet corn and chilli fritters, a long serving member of the Criterion menu, and soak up the energy in this bustling community focussed space.

Turkish Tukka, Launceston

Get Lamb Koftas served with your choice of salad, in a wrap or with some rice. The lamb is grass fed and locally grown by Landfell Farm.

Suzie Luck’s, Hobart

Roast Duck or Tofu roll ups. Layer your salad and sauce in to the thin pancake and dig in, or go for lettuce cups for a gluten free option.

For more healthy eating tools and resources follow @EatWellTasmania on Facebook and Instagram. Get involved and tag #platewithamate #eatittassie



“When we eat with others, we have a natural tendency to use their behaviour as a guide—when we eat with a friend who’s chosen a meal with plenty of fruit and veg we are more likely to Eat Well too.”