Avocado Moon Kombucha

Northern Tasmania
Producer | Supports local suppliers

Small Batch, Mindfully Crafted, Tasmanian Kombucha

Hello! My name is LT and I brew authentic kombucha in small batches, using seasonally sourced Tasmanian ingredients. I know you’ll be able to taste – and feel – the difference, in our mindfully crafted brews. So, cheers! to yummy brews and happy bellies.

Our business has a strong focus on sustainability. You can join us on this mission by returning your bottle back to where you purchased it. Alternatively, you can stop by Earthy Eats (on the Kingsway, Launceston CBD) or The Organic Grocer (Hobart Road) to find our product on tap.

Bring a clean bottle and fill ‘er up!

Tasmanian Produce Vegan Friendly